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You can use your RURAL SIM across Europe for the same price as here in the UK, click here for the list.

Going further afield RURAL SIM has got you covered there too with over 400 partner networks, for the full list including pricing click here.

Click Settings

then Mobile DATA, and Mobile DATA Options

followed by Mobile DATA Network

if you already have settings in entered in here scroll to the bottom and select Reset Settings, the return to the top

enter RURAL SIM as the APN

click the < to save the new APN details

hit < again and ensure that Mobile DATA is enabled.

If you are unable to either see or change the APN details then the device may be locked and will need unlocking.

Swipe down from the top of the screen and click the settings cog
Scroll down and select Mobile Networks – if using an older device you may see a More networks option before seeing Mobile Networks.
Press on Access Point Names
and hit + to add a new one
enter RURAL SIM as the name
enter mobiledata as the APN
press the 3 vertical dots at the top of the screen and save
Finally, click the radio button next the newly created RURAL SIM entry.
Press the home key to return to normal operation.

If you run out of credit you will no longer be able to make outbound calls and SMS, inbound will still work although DATA will stop, we will send you a notification when you get near to running out and you can check up at any time by dialling 187.

You can go back to the operator that supplied the phone originally and ask them to unlock it for you. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our friends at mend my iPhone they can unlock a wide variety of phones and can help you through the process, you can contact them via email at info@mendmyiphone.co.uk or via their website https://unlock.mendmyiphone.co.uk/.

If you dial *#06# from any mobile phone it will report back that devices IMEI (serial) number.

Within UK and Europe

Calls – 10p per minute.
SMS – 5p per message.
DATA -10p per MB.

Click for the list of European Countries

Rest of World pricing can be found here.

Yes, contact your existing operator and get a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC), then email the PAC along with your new RURAL SIM number to us at sales@chrismoorenetworks.co.uk..

The RURAL SIM is able to utilise Vodafone, O2 & EE and will automatically move between them without you having to do anything.

RURAL SIM come as a 3 in 1 so you just press out the required size be that Standard, Micro and Nano

Yes, if you dial 187 from your device your balance will be shown.

The APN is mobiledata no other information is required, if you are struggling get in touch and we can help.

Yes the SIM will work with 2G, 3G and 4G.

RURAL SIM will work in any unlocked handset, for BlackBerry please contact us at sales@chrismoorenetworks.co.uk for confirmation.


No, unfortunately not. The solution is only able to move networks when not in a call.

No. RURAL SIM (from Chris Moore Networks Ltd.) offers contracts of 1 month, 4 months, 9 months and 12 months.