<p>Benefit from having 3 networks on 1 Rural SIM</p>

How frustrating can mobile communication be?

We all expect a perfect service for Voice, SMS and DATA yet we constantly feel let down. CMN believe we can offer the feel-good factor with the RURAL SIM. With your current provider you are tied to a single network and as soon as you go out of coverage you see the ever depressing “NO SERVICE” on your handset. Frustrated?

Easy to Use

With the RURAL SIM it works in a way that when your signal is lost your handset will roam between multiple UK networks without user intervention.

Greater Coverage

The RURAL SIM will connect to the network available without any user intervention giving you the best signal available, allowing you to continue making and receiving calls and SMS along with DATA.

Be Contactable

Staying connected means staying in touch anywhere, anytime and every time.


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